Christina began as a Makeup Artist turned Esthetician and Manicurist. The jungle beaches of Punta Banco, Costa Rica was where Master Patanjali elevated her consciousness through The Yoga Sutras. Christina earned 200 hour YTT through Diamond Heart Yoga School in Guatemala on Lake Atitlan. She decided she must teach connection and balance through the art of hatha yoga. Falling down in yoga is one of the most beautiful pieces to the practice. It teaches us how to look up and rise from grace and gratitude.

Christina’s teaching style is Hatha based with Eastern respect. The goal is to find balance while building strength and releasing emotion through mindset and breath. Foundation is key. A tree grows roots to expand into a trunk, branches, leaves then finally fruit. We start from our roots to expand to our highest form of self. Replace negative self talk and tension by paying attention to the tension! By being completely present we can retrain our minds to create the life we were meant to live.

As an Esthetician of 9 years, Christina still offers facial services at Devil’s Thumb Ranch. Massage techniques combined with the highest quality Biodynamic products from Hungary ensure a fresh glowing complexion. Skin is the largest organ in our body and we have this face for the rest of our life. Want to restore your skin while synchronistically restoring your soul?


“My mission

is to empower growth through mind expansion and introspection. I see harmony in unity and fulfillment in following one’s truth”



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