This retreat is for anyone who wants to grow their yoga practice and reconnect to inner truth. This is a safe container of support. The mornings begin in silence to observe thought patterns and elevate self reflection. As the sun rises over the glass waters of Lake Atitlan we gather to meditate and flow. Thought patterns are observed in order to release them through physiology, focal shift and language. We are who we tell ourselves we are. You have a unique gift that only you can offer. This is your truth. This is acceptance. Yoga is union of self, connection to your unique truth. Through this connection we find growth and contribution.

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Cacao is iron, magnesium & calcium rich. Consuming this bean has been proven to help with depression, stress, blood pressure, heart health brain & immune function. It is antibacterial by nature & rich in polyphenols which improve blood flow to the brain & heart. Cacao is a medicinal superfood utilized throughout CYR for the purpose of opening your heart to connect to yourself and those around you.


All photography provided by Marc Tran.


The Mystical Yoga Farm

A healing place to recharge YOUR battery. There is a solar powered charge station by the kitchen for electronics, however, this retreat is unplug recommended and there is no wifi.

June 18-25, 2019

The Mystical Yoga Farm
Santiago, Guatemala
Lake Atitlan
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